Japan’s first efficacy! Is ricepower-no.6 effective for acne pore care? New effective Ingredients

Yu-shin Brewery, which developed RicePower-no.11, has developed a novel active ingredient ricepower-no.6 which directly acts on sebaceous glands.
Ricepower-no.6 is an efficacy to suppress sebum secretion. Ricepower-no.6 is Japan’s first ingredient recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It was approved as a quasi-drug.

Rice Power no.6 aims to solve skin problems

The characteristic of ricepower-no. 6 is that it has efficacy to suppress sebum secretion.
What is the relationship between sebum secretion and skin trouble?
It may cause skin troubles of darkening of pimples and pores due to excessive secretion of sebum.
Sebum secretion is often 10 to 40 years old. And it is said that it will decrease after 40 years old.
However, recently season seems to increase the number of sebum does not decrease due to a change in dietary life or a change in physical balance due to stress, and those suffering from acne and skin troubles are increasing.
For such a person, RicePower-no. 6 which is effective for suppressing the secretion of sebum seems to be a component that can be expected.

Ricepower-no.6 and acne · pore care

Pneumocare so far has been a symptomatic one that sterilizes bacteria causing acne and removes sebum of pores.
It is an efficacy to suppress the sebum of ricepower-no. 6, which can expect a completely new effect instead of this symptomatic acne care.
For those who suffer from skin problems due to sebum secretion, I would like to try out the effect of Rice Power no. 6, which is effective for suppressing sebum in Japan for the first time, sooner.
Cosmetics containing RicePower-no. 6 will be released in April 2018, so let’s expect new products!

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